WordPress pirated themes can not be used for that reason

pirated themes

Today I will give you some information about WordPress’s pirated themes and piracy.

pirated themes

Pirated themes

At first, see what the pirated
theme are
# Pirated themes or null theme: Pirated themes is the original theme given to anyone in a way other than the owner’s permission. It may be provided to download via the website. Or a buyer and distribute it among ten people. It is a legal offense. Although we are doing it ourselves, due to our financial inconvenience. It’s not about my discussion.
We can download different Premium Themes from some sites at various times. Have we ever thought why they give it free? Are they something that will give us free? Let us see what causes them to be free and what can happen to us.

The most valuable things

1. There are many malicious codes in the theme. Because of the control of your site can go hackers.
2. There is some code in the theme so that hackers can do SEO very well on their site. This will ensure that the SEO ranking of your site is dropped.
3. There are several PHP codes in the theme, from which auto mail will be sent. This may suspend your hosting provider.
4. Sometimes your site may be spamming. The site may also be suspended for this.
Many more problems may arise.
So you buy a theme you know you use. But do not download from any pirated sites.

Best of all, wordpress.org now offers a lot of good themes in the freebies and some customizations can be made to create a much better website.

And now there is a good free page builder that can make many beautiful websites.

Such as:
1. https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/
It has many addons with which you can do with all the thrive visual content that can be done with it.
2. https://wordpress.org/plugins/beaver-builder-lite-version/
3. https://wordpress.org/plugins/siteorigin-panels/
These three sounds good to me. I used myself. But my first choice is the elementor page builder. Everything can be done with it.


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