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A-Z Social Media tracking

Let’s talk about some things before talking about Facebook tracking; There are very few people who do not use Facebook? We are 95% of those who are on the internet or at the same time connected with Facebook. Facebook does not get complete once a day, so that day does not get fulfilled. On Facebook, we feel happy to highlight our good and bad. Well, someone who has been eating a restaurant has uploaded photos of her on Facebook and informed friends.

Whenever someone revolves around, he will have a status on Facebook. I think the actual Facebook user will do it 100% In this way, with the introduction of a social event, there is no change in the online communication system that Facebook has brought to the radical change. Facebook is thus reaching millions of people every day.

In this way, Facebook has got an active user or user in almost billions of cells in 9-8 years. Facebook is operating its business in the center of its user. With this money, they are paying their employees and paying them. Even they bought the company of WhatsApp and Instagram; Reduced their opponents and continued to grow the business.

We are using Facebook; For our entertainment, maybe for work. To share information, to relate to friends, to communicate with them, etc. etc. But Facebook is paying, even more, attention to you; Suppose you are A, and your friend B are two friends, But Facebook’s friend of yours will be present in front of you and will be able to suggest you as his friend. Ok, fine, when you connect new person they will be collect information with you, that means here work Facebook tracking.


facebook tracking


So we know what Facebook is. How does Facebook work? How does the income? How are we using them for their business and revenue? Does Facebook Track Us All the Internet? How much do we know about these things? In this article, I will tell you today. I hope to understand the matter.


The primary source of Facebook earnings

facebook earnings










Advertising is the primary source of Facebook earnings like Google. Since billion-billion people use this Facebook regularly; So undoubtedly marketing, this is a huge platform for online business. That’s why nearly a million business people working with Facebook and campaigning them, by giving money to Facebook.

Starting from an ordinary business person, the big company is advertising advertisements through its Facebook page to sell and promote any of its products.
Facebook is thus earning millions of dollars by making a lot of money daily from prominent business people.

Since Facebook profile limits only 5000 friends; So maybe this is not possible by promoting the profile. But by encouraging Page through Facebook page, it is possible to reach millions and even millions of people. Similarly, by supporting a post or product, individuals in business can show their products to all and enhance their sales.

So we understand the matter; Facebook has opened up a huge number of people with a wide free access to their population .. This massive amount of individuals as their primary asset; Here, they have given the opportunity to spread those big sums of money to different brand companies by telling them about their business, popularity, and products. This is their primary income. This year they are earning billions of dollars in revenue.


How is Facebook tracking us?

Facebook is not only on Facebook but also to give the maximum benefit to business or business Page owners to raise their income and get their advertising services; Tracking what is doing on other websites on the Internet is also continuously monitoring.

Suppose you visited Alibaba or Alippress.com (World’s Largest Time Retail) to buy a watch; He saw it, did not buy it. After 1 hour, 2 hours or 1 day, you went to Facebook and saw that the clock that you just saw, the clock advertising your timeline !! Not funny?

facebook pixel


On a website, I searched for buying a backpack. But I did not buy; Just a few minutes to see the bag on that internet site. The next day when I entered my daily habit of Facebook, I saw that bag; Which I saw on an e-commerce site yesterday

There is nothing to fear about it here. Here Facebook is tracking the history of browsing our various online e-commerce sites through one of their tools. The name of this device is ‘Facebook Pixel.’ Know more Here

What is Facebook Pixel?

This is a tool that can be started for different websites; The website has to paste a given code given on Facebook. From the ‘Add-ons’ account of the Facebook account, from the menu of the “pixels” button, this tool has to put java script code on its business website.

First, after clicking on the advertisement on Facebook, the clicker went to the website.
Second, on any internet site, a Facebook user saw a product; It will be remanded again in its Facebook timeline.

These two most important tasks are done with this Facebook pixel. Facebook pixels help the business owner understand the customer or general user’s movements and provide Facebook with its highest usage and service. This is very effective on Facebook to capture potential customer classes.

Since this article does not take a Facebook pixel or tune; So I did not discuss it much. Just know and understand it Facebook is effectively tracking us through Facebook pixels; In many places of the internet. However, not for any other negative reason; Only because of their commercial reasons.

Thank you for going through the script. Hope you liked the post. Whether you want to write about Facebook pixels; Report to the comment. And also tell how it happened. Stay with In this way; I will come back again with a new post, among you, A webrex info quality article.


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