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expired domain selection

Expired Domain Selection

For domaining or your business purpose needs an expired domain. Expired Domain name selection is an important aspect of preparation for niche site building or Bogging. webrex info gives you a fresh solution about expired domain name selection.

expired domain seelection


Below I am explaining the serial


There are two types of free and paid tools to find Expedited domains.

Having Free Tools (Websites)

Paid tools

It is easy to find an expired domain from paid tools. So here I have used domcop.com tools.



  1. At first, you have to decide how much DA, PA is the domain. Let’s say our demand here is DA = 20 +, PA = 20 +.
  2. There may be another requisition such as a spam score. It can be within 3.

3.Domain names can not contain any das (-) and numeric (1,2,3).

4.The domain name should be professional.



  1. Firstly I have selected DOMCOP’s EXPIRED & ADVANCED option.
  2. .com, .net, .org and .info were searched for these four Extensions domains.
  3. DA & PA = 15 I have selected.
  4. I have selected Spam Score 0-3.
  5. I have selected the licensing type all.
  6. I have selected domain source all.
  7. Language English is selected.
  8. Go to Miscellaneous and select HIDE ADULT & HIDE SPAMMY.

At this stage we got some search results.


Step-4-Domain Analysis

We will analyze the results from the results of the domain one by one.


Below are the steps of analysis.

First step

DA & PA of the domains received from Dumpco will be checked again. Here are the tools that DA & PA have used to test.

Note that DA & PA domains received from DOMPP and DA & PA obtained from above tools vary slightly.

Expired-Domain-SelectionThe second step

The domain of domain received from DOMPOP should be checked. In many domains, the categories are not available. Domains must be in the category.


The tools used to check the categories are:

  • Checkpoint.com
  • brightcloud.com
  • paloaltonetworks.com

Note that at the top of all these sites are rarely come in the Result. Even then, there is a sense of near-real estate. At one time, do not take into account the category resolution.


The third step

Let’s check  the domain is available or sold (GODADDY)

The fourth step


BACKLINK has been checked with Ahrefs from the YouTube video.

Here are some things to notice

  1. If there are Chinese and Japanese BACKLINK, then those sites are excluded.
  2. The total is good at 100 BACKLINK.
  3. DO FOLLOW BACKLINK is better than 30.


  1. Anchor text ratio is a term. If the MAXIMUM BACKLINK is done with the main keyword, it can be spammed.


The fifth step

Many people have seen MINMIMUM TF & CF = 10 + from the YouTube video.

Here MAJESTIC TOOLS has been used to check TF & CF.


Sixth step

WAYBACK MACHINE TOOLS has been used to test the history of the website (what was the content of the site, how many times it was saved) from the YouTube video.

Here are some things to note. These are the things

  1. When checking a site’s history, it is excluded if the site was once a Chinese or Japanese site.
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