How to start event blogging & earn money | A to Z Guide

event blogging

Event blogging

Event blogging is a blog that aims to target specific days or festivals that have a specific day or week or month. Event blogging provides a lot of traffic in a very short time, earning a lot more time in the short run.


event blogging

How to start event blogging & earn money

The Best USA Event for blogging

Festivals, Parades & Holiday Events

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • New Year’s Eve in Times Square.
  • Mardi Gras.
  • Tournament of Roses.
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
  • National Cherry Blossom Festival.
  • Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular.
  • San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade. And many more events just select your niche and st.

Creat a new Blogg here>>

And in a little more detail, suppose you targets any niche events Naturally you can search online ” New Year’s Eve in Times Square ” / Images for New Year’s Eve in Times Square etc.


You will not be alone with all these things throughout the world. If your site is ranked with ranking or keyword, then you can get a lot of visitors and visitors mean dollars.

What kind of event can be

  • Holiday Date. Day.
  • Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.
  • New Year’s Day. January 1. Monday.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. January 15. Monday.
  • George Washington’s Birthday. February 19* Monday.
  • Memorial Day. May 28. Monday.
  • Independence Day. July 4. Wednesday.
  • Labor Day. September 3. Monday.
  • Columbus Day. October 8. Monday etc.



Different Live Shows like IPL, BPL, World Cup etc. New products or offers such as iPhone 10 release, Black Fry Day etc. There may also be different movie trailers, box office collections etc.

When to Start Event Blogging

If you are completely new, then my advice should be to start at least two to two and a half months and start at least 40/45 days in a new blog, and you can do 10/15 days before the old domain and your general skills. But if the big event targets, then surely we should take time

Best planning for targets events

If you plan to do twelve times a month or you have enough time and people can make more events. Initially you can experiment with USA events

How to choose keywords for the event

Many people choose keywords in many ways. I have mentioned my own prasestai.

  1. Go to and enter your keywords, there will be lots of ideas generated
  2. Enter your keywords in keywordshitter and more ideas will be generated from there
  3. Go to next LSIGRAPH and enter your keyword (available no. 1) and get some more keywords.
  4. Take a look at search volume in Google KP or keyword aviary. Howitz can target keywords with search volume
  5. In this way, select a total of 30-35 keywords.

Do not forget to watch the trend after watching the search volume. In this case, if you multiply 12 times with the keyword’s organic search, your main search volume. I could not possibly mean. Suppose you saw the search volume of an event 1000 is actually 12 months average. But that keyword is searched for one day or two days. Then the main search volume is then 12000.

Domain selection

Domain is not a big problem in most cases. Automatically rank your content if your content is good. But who does not want the extra benefit Most of the event blogger EMDK has tried. I have not been working on the EMD yet. One of the things I did failed with the EMD. There was a lot of reason why the name of the meaning could not be known as the domain’s fault.

My personal advice is to work with PMD’s. It is good if the match is at the beginning of the match. Or if you have an old blog, you can also do the same.

For Asia country, you can get country-specific domain name. In the US or UK: certainly .com or .org . ORG is more preferable.

Since many visitors are there in a day, the server is likely to be down at the same time. This is why online bloggers suggest a blog spot. I personally did not use blogspot.

There are some issues with Word Press on high traffic site. Especially server related. Read the details here



I have some suggestions in this field

Keep caching on

If no plugins are possible, then the server processes will be used less

Resize the image exactly

Reduce decrease

Do not use heavy themes.

(As my first choice of theme is the use of Generation Server process, there is no need for additional plugins)

Event Planning

When your keyword research domain hosting theme is over, then it’s time to make a comeback in the field. What should be done as the first thing for content (though I could not finish completely due to alasala) is that at least one post with each keyword. As if a single traffic is not missed and miss. If you target a medium-sized event, then you can do 45-50 500/600 ward content or if you have large content you can do it with 25-30.

SEO Planning and Site Structure

Interlinking on your site should be done in such a way that Visitors can easily go from one link to another link. The bounce rate will come in control and the durations will increase. Page views will increase a lot

Using genesis does not require structured data to be renewed. It has the different functions of seo default by default. But I have to use different plugins for open graphs. There is no open graph in Genesis. If you use Yost or use any other SEO plugin then there is no need to open Open Graph Plugin.

The AMP is bound by all my sites. We use AMP and WP. Ad code can be placed in it.

We use Wp Rocket for cache. Of course, if you do not have proper manual configuration, then if you do not have proper configuration, then this will be the problem.

Content planning

The basic message to say again. Use the keyword at the end of the beginning. URL keywords, content on LSI etc. Interlink and outbound links I do not indexing categories and tags for event blogging. Because in many cases it becomes masakara.

Site map must be used for site map and use.

Social Signal and Profile Backlink

Before the event Google Plus will find out the community faults, change the link in forum profiles.

Facebook India offers good results on very little money in Bangladesh. The work on Twitter has been reduced so I can not give anything to the level of advanced level. We got good results from the LinkedIn Group. And I got the maximum results from Reddit. If there is already a ready-made ID Ready Ready Sub-Letter, the results are inevitable.


Indexing can be a big problem for event blogging. Some premium indexing software is available that I can not use personally. The usual post is shared with Google Plus as well as share it with Google Plus and share it with twitter on Twitter link.

Content release

In this case, Suggestions can be made one by one at the beginning, but apply two or three or more weeks before the event. If indexing is a problem, then you can fetch Google. There are many negative ideas about Google Fleching, maybe it’s myth.

Tray Youtube videos give content. A few days ago, I had got a good view by doing this work in a day, I had got a million views in a day but there was no lack of mindset.

Where did the picture take from

In most cases, we use stock images. Google also uses copyright free images.


I do not really have much skill with blacklink. Regular visits to some sites and regularly comment on them. There, at the place of the comments, the site of the new web site. Regular Contributor in 15/20 Forums. There is a link to profile link. There are many IDs in book marking sites.

And there is no blacklist from my own personal site. Especially from the old articles. The question is that if there is uncomfortable / randomness then there is a possibility of Google penalties. In fact, the time will be lost for the time Google picks the penalty

At the end of the event did he use the work

Get ready for a new event. Redirect the domain to the new event’s domain. Pass the juice. And if the number is not mentioned (2016, 2017 etc.) then we will arrange for the next year. And the collections of Lead are they.

This is the end of the job. May have understood a little though. Thank you with webrex info.

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