Cost per acquisition (CPA) Live Case Study | How will the newcomers start working?

(CPA) Live Case Study 01


How I work CPA Network?
What I need to know to work with is:
#Cpa’s A to Z Basic Ideas
# Learn about YouTube’s advanced work (the real game is to play here: P)
#Redit’s work will be known (if you do not see the work of the Reddit, then the group has the exclusive video of Arjoo brother)
What I’ve done today –

1st Work:

Remove an email id. I took an email ID Try to use the different email to work at all times.
Second job:
I’ve knocked on many, requested everyone, everyone hoped to open an #CPA Market Place, but none gave it. After that, I applied myself to a marketplace. Now and pending. Not found favorable. You will also be able to do it in any one of your choices.
I can just take one of the following.
# add4date
These will be trialed.

3rd Work:

Create a YouTube Channel according to your Niche. The channel name must be interesting. Finish all the basics of the channel. The next working subject will be discussed in the Live Case Study 02.


(CPA) Live Case Study 02

In the 1st episode, I told the underlying message and told me to work with you to know your YouTube work. Since the first part of the 1st event was Gap, I have taken you through the work of Youtube marketing.
So let’s start the work.

In the previous episode, I told you to subscribe to #Cpa Market Place. Suppose you’ve got an account. If you do not, then you will.
Nothing to open an account. Just use some techniques.
Like your web site wants to: O now where you get the Bigener site? Danbury Man: P This site will be your blog site.
The question of how to promote the offer is to make this almost all marketplace e.
As you do video marketing or do free social media marketing, you can copy the following message.

”I am a Video marketer, Such as youtube, Vimeo. I will promote your company offers other Social media also Such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+. I will never send any incentive traffic to your offer. I have a different landing page for a different offer. I will always follow your companies all terms & conditions.”

I Hope, you get your CPA account within 72 hours.

Offer Selection:

Now let’s say how to pick up the offer,
You can not get the offer according to your wishes. I do not want to get too many things because I can not get it.
I do not care for the offers that I have come to the page well.
Because my visitors will send me to email to the site where I am submitting: P. So there is no allotment of landing pages. Unreasonable whether your offer’s landing page is responsive.
After this, the Aufa people will also notice whether or not they use it.
Keep an eye on the fact that the offer is more popular than its competitors and more so ink, and no one takes or does not have a job at the same time, you guys choose the product that condition is the middle range, I hope you understand.
How do you know that it is Middle offer? I do not know how to do don’t worry.
More specifically, there are thousands of videos in the offer selection, on YouTube. Take a look at it. But the easier it is for you to work as well because once you find it difficult to find a job, it’s a long time to get the job done.

Planning About CPA Marketing :

I believe in planning. The better you do your work as well as the best.
Talk about next day planning Well, thank you for reading the post with your precious promise.



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