How To Make Your Affiliate Network Look Amazing with simple CPA approval Question and Answer

CPA approval Question and Answer

Affiliate Network CPA approval Question and Answer

CPA approval Question and Answer

Affiliate Network CPA approval Question and Answer



is one of the top CPA Networks which helps you to earn online. Maxbounty is highly recommended by internet marketers. It has various types of offers such as CPA, CPS, and CPL. Minimum payout is $100

CPA- Cost Per Acquisition

CPS – Cost Per Sale

CPL – Cost Per Lead


For Maxbounty and Peerfly these are the questions your AM will ask :


– What vertical you willing to work?


Reply him, I’m, majorly focusing on health and weight loss related offers and I might work for trending offers like hooba , booking etc as well in future.


– How long have you been doing affiliate marketing?


Reply him I have been doing affiliate marketing for last 1 year and generated a good bit of sales on Clickbank, clicksure and CPA networks like work as well. (They need experienced people who have got little bit of information in 95% cases they won’t ask you for payment proofs if you answer it with confidence)


– How will you promote the offers? Will you use your own landing?


Reply him It depends on the offer whether the offer allows direct landing or a pre-landing approval. I can create a good converting lander on click funnel and have the good bit of information about direct linking and how to remain compliant at all times.


– Can you name some health-related offers you looking to promote straight away?


Reply him, I’m looking to promote offers for garcinia, Safflower, and bodybuilding related offers.


– What traffic method you will use to promote?


– Reply him,  I will drive mostly search traffic from bing, Gemini, and AdWords. I have good amount of experience in media buying and knows all good about how to be compliant with search advertising networks.


– How would you like to get contacted if we see some issues with leads?


– Reply I’m always available on skype. I have sent you a request to add please add me and I will be in touch with you.



ClickDealer Question/Answers


a. What are your main traffic sources? Google Adwords is my main source of traffic, along with Google I also do Bing PPC. Recently I started promotion via Facebook ads as well. But again PPC Search traffic is my main source. b. What do other CPA networks you work with? I am working with maxbounty, NutraCash, and Big profit. I have worked with in the past ClickBank as well. c. How long have u been in CPA marketing? I am working in CPA marketing since 2015. Yep, two good years so far. d. Do you work within a company or self-employed? I am self-employed and work from home. e. Could you send me a screenshot of your monthly earning history in other networks? (must have) yeah, screenshot lagao apnay bhai tongue emoticon:P f. What kind of offers do you want to promote with us?I promote health offers. Trial offers in the skin, weight loss, brain health works best for me.  g. What did you do before affiliate marketing? Facebook feed upper beechy kurta Utah bs tongue emoticon:P h. What are your plans for your Affiliate Marketing business? To grow, learn, move ahead. I am getting very good results with my CPA business, so my first goal is to grow and make this year best for me.


Note If You Follow this instruction easily you approved your CPA and affiliate account tnx for your valuable time. Happy Online Journey.

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